The real deal about buying a home from CROWCREEK Homes.

Building a custom home or choosing your perfect brand-new build is a huge investment. As a buyer, you owe it to yourself (and your budget) to know exactly where your dollars are going! When you choose CROWCREEK Homes as your builder, it’s our job to create...

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What about a “small footprint home?”

You’ve heard the term “tiny home” before—but what about “small footprint home?”With their minimal maintenance requirements and beautiful, energy-efficient designs, small footprint homes are quickly becoming more and more desirable for families looking to...

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Top 6 Reasons to Visit Us at the Cheyenne Parade of Homes

We’ll be rolling out the welcome mat at 3709 Laramie Street during the 2017 Parade of Homes, happening right here in Cheyenne for two weekends only: August 12-13 and 19-20.As usual, the full line-up of homes is gorgeous… but here’s why you need to come and...

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Meet the CROWCREEK Homes team!

Which member of the team is known as “The Smiley Face?” Who has a particularly… unique... take on the kind of homes that CROWCREEK builds? Come on in, find out the answers and meet the crew behind some of Cheyenne’s most stunning custom homes! Kim McMullen - Owner,...

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Choosing The Right Builder For You

Want to build a new home in Cheyenne? There are a number of important elements to consider before the build process begins. For example: Where do you want to live?  What style of home do you want? Can you build that new home on your budget? But perhaps the most...

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The Truth About Water Heaters

Some of our prospective new home buyers in Cheyenne ask us why we provide tankless water heaters as a standard feature in every home we build.  That’s a good question. We make sure every new home we build has a tankless water heater because technology has made them...

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