Building a Custom

What’s it like to build with CROWCREEK Homes?  

It’s as much fun for us to be part of your custom home build as it is for you! 

Here at CROWCREEK Homes, we offer two types of custom home builds: Full custom and semi-custom. 

We bid each project individually, based on your chosen floor plan and finish options, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

What’s a full custom home build?

For your full custom build, you bring the plan to us. First, you’ll work with an architect to create your home’s blueprints (floor plan) and spec out all its interior and exterior finishes. When you’re ready to build your full custom home, you’ll hand the plan over to us—and we’ll take it from there!

What’s a semi-custom home build?

Your semi-custom home build starts by selecting your favorite CROWCREEK Homes floor plan, designed by one of finest and most knowledgeable architects in the industry. Each semi-custom floor plan offers numerous options for upgrades and expansions to make it your own, including interior and exterior finishes.

Can’t wait for construction?

Schedule a private tour of our brand-new builds, available now:

What to know about building a custom home

Before we get started on your full custom or semi-custom home build, we’ll make sure you have answers to all your questions, including: 

  • The total cost of your build, including land
  • Your estimated build time, start to finish 
  • What options you have to customize your home’s layout and finishes, based on the floor plan
  • Which interior/exterior finishes come standard, and which interior/exterior finishes are considered an upgrade
  • Your allowances for flooring, lighting, appliances, etc.
  • When (and how often) you’ll get a walk-through of your build site and progress
  • Our preferred vendors and subcontractors, and why we trust them 
  • Your home warranty (which includes a 2-year electrical/plumbing warranty and 10-year structural warranty)


Need some inspiration for your build?  

Take a look inside some of the full custom and semi-custom homes we’ve created.

We know you have a ton of questions.

Let’s get together—and get you one step closer to building your beautiful new home!

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