CROWCREEK Homes: Behind the Scenes of a Quality Build

The day you move into your new CROWCREEK home, you can rest easy knowing that every single element of your build—from the shingles on your roof, to the padding under your carpet—was carefully overseen by a team of Wyoming experts. We build every home as if it’s our own… and we keep an eye on things just as carefully, every step of the way! 

How do we do it? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we ensure every CROWCREEK home lives well, heats/cools efficiently, and lasts the test of time.


High-quality materials create a higher-quality home.

Let’s talk more about what sets our materials apart! 


Exterior Sheeting 

  • Airtight, water-resistant ZIP panels (vs. standard MDF and plastic wrap) provides ultimate exterior weatherization, plus protection from unwanted moisture and air 


  • Class IV 50-year shingles stand up to Wyoming’s famous summer hail storms and the constant stream of fresh air (that sometimes reaches upwards of 60 mph)
  • Bonus: These shingles may actually reduce your homeowners insurance! 


    • Blown-in insulation (vs. standard batt) and spray foam on all rim joists reduces drafts and improves energy efficiency 
    • All insulation has a higher R value/rating (resistance to heat flow) to keep your home cozier in winter, cooler in the summer 

Fun fact: On average, a CROWCREEK home is 33% more energy-efficient than its neighbor!

Carpet Padding

  • 3M Pet Protect 8 lb. padding (yes, we said 8 lb.!) is designed with a protective barrier that stands up to messes and dirt from pets and kids
  • Soft and fluffy = feels nice on those bare feet!


  • Ours is one of the finest and most knowledgeable in the industry, reflected in his thoughtful, well-designed floor plans that consider:
    • Efficient material usage (minimal waste)
    • How people use space (furniture usage, placement)
    • Innovative usage of colors and materials


  • 14” iJoists span larger areas and provide a sturdier floor. Creaky floors? Not here! Open living space? Check!

Passive Radon System

  • Automatically included in each build, saving you the inconvenience and cost of having to drill into your basement concrete and find a way to vent through the roof later 
  • Easy system activation, if/when required 

Tankless Water Heater with Recirculation Line

  • Unlimited hot water: We’ve seen it last all the way through 3 back-to-back showers, running the dishwasher, and a load of laundry… no problem 
  • Hot water on demand, the second you turn on the faucet 
  • More energy efficient than traditional water heaters, it doesn’t use energy to heat the water when it’s not being used 


  • 93% efficient furnaces are our standard, with the option to upgrade to a dual-stage 96% furnace during your build 
  • Right-sized systems suit your home, even with an unfinished basement 
    • We pre-plan basements so they’re ready to finish when you are; no need to change your system or worry about ducts, because we’ve already taken care of it for you 
  • Pre-installed EcoBee Smart Thermostat gives you ultimate control over your HVAC system, including the humidifier (if installed)


  • Our standard are environmentally responsible and energy efficient Anderson windows, made of a special material that’s 2X stronger than vinyl
  • Timeless and stylish for added curb appeal
  • Transferable warranty 

Interior Standard Finishes

  • Site-finished hardwood floors with impact oil finish that stands up to wear and messes from kids and pets
  • Solid surface countertops in your choice of granite or quartz
  • Custom-designed Schroll Cabinetry
  • Energy efficient LED light fixtures


Brand-new builds are move-in ready… right now!

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