Meet the CROWCREEK Homes team!

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Builders

Which member of the team is known as “The Smiley Face?”

Who has a particularly… unique… take on the kind of homes that CROWCREEK builds?

Come on in, find out the answers and meet the crew behind some of Cheyenne’s most stunning custom homes!

Kim poses in home under construction

Kim McMullen – Owner, a.k.a, “The Smiley Face,” “The Responsible One”

Meet Kim, who—even though she holds the fancy title of “Owner”—says she’s “just as much a part of the team as any of these other clowns!”
Kim’s primary roles in the office revolve around keeping the company’s jobs organized, doing cost accounting, and ensuring that each and every build goes as smoothly as possible.

Meeting homeowners, then getting to watch their excitement grow throughout the build process, is Kim’s favorite part of the job. (Which we can’t argue; there’s something magical about getting to see a family’s dream home come to life, piece by piece!) She also finds great joy in fostering relationships with her clients that last long after the build’s been completed.

For Kim, the most special element of CROWCREEK Homes is that it’s a local- and customer-oriented company. They work with local contractors as often as possible, and as a result, they’ve built many long-lasting relationships—the quality of which is reflected in the quality homes they all work on together.

“It is important to be invested in the company, and employing such a talented staff makes me proud of the local Wyoming company we are,” Kim says.

Kim loves Wyoming for its wide open spaces, slower pace and minimal traffic; plus, hey, the big cities are close enough if you ever need an escape for the day.

In addition to keeping an eye on the CROWCREEK crew, Kim’s hobbies include camping/boating, kids, kids, kids and family.

Tim poses in home under construction

Tim Culver – Construction Manager, a.k.a., “The Calendar,” a.k.a., “the man who gets it done.”

You know Tim as the guy keeping every build in line—from the first second of preconstruction, to the moment he gets to welcome a family into their new home for the first time.

What keeps Tim coming back to work every day? Well, that’s an easy one: The chance to build quality homes for his customers, of course, as well as all the fun extras that come with it—like adding custom details and improving on what the company’s learned from other projects. What he likes the best, though, is building strong relationships and developing rapport with subcontractors in order to give the best final product to clients.

If you were Tim’s really good friend, why would he send you to CROWCREEK for a custom home?

CROWCREEK is a great company to be part of and for people in Cheyenne to do business with!” he says. “We really take the time to listen to the customer and add the touches that turn the home we build into a forever home for our customers.”

Outside of work, you can find him hunting, camping, flying planes, or restoring old Broncos in the spectacular company of his wife Sheri, their children and their grandchildren.

Dana poses in home under construction

Dana Hankel – Senior Office Manager, a.k.a., “Crazy Lady,” “The Penny Pincher”

Day to day, Dana oversees the overall office and finances, works with banks and mortgage lenders, helps with color selections, serves as customer liaison, does marketing, handles contracts… we got tired just typing it all out, honestly.

If you ask Dana what her favorite part of her job is, she’ll enthusiastically reply, “People! I love people! I enjoy meeting all of our clients and working through the process with them; I love working with local subcontractors and banks; I love that I get to talk to people and build relationships that are long term.”

She’s equally as enthusiastic about why she stays at CROWCREEK Homes, which she loves for its unique and flexible work environment almost as much as she loves her “out of this world” owner and co-workers.

What makes CROWCREEK Homes special? Dana says it’s the team’s commitment to Cheyenne. Everyone’s local, everyone loves the Wyoming culture, and everyone equally values building one-on-one relationships with clients.

As a local, Dana appreciates how easy going a place Cheyenne is. (She even loves the weather, with the exception of winter. If it was up to her, we’d just skip right over it.) She’s stuck around not only because of the proximity of most of her family, but because she loves the simple way of life a city like this offers, the ability to do a lot of outdoor activities, and the ease of getting to the “busy, big city” stuff in just a couple of hours if she wants to.

Away from her myriad of office hats, Dana is a self-stated “proud family woman.” That looks like watching her kids play sports; going camping, fishing and hiking with her family; and, sometimes… “I take a quiet moment to read! Just kidding. I don’t have those. Remember? I’m a MOM!”

Brentton poses in home under construction

Brentton Anthony – Estimator, a.k.a. “The #’s Man” (not the hashtag; the actual “numbers man”), “The Price-It Dude”

What does it mean to be “The #’s Man” at CROWCREEK Homes? That sees Brentton working with subcontractors to obtain the most competitive pricing for the best quality product.
(That’s the fancy, impressive version. The short version? Brentton makes it so everyone wins.)

Getting to work with great customers and great coworkers is only part of what makes Brentton proud to work for CROWCREEK Homes. The other part is that… well, no one could put it better than Brentton himself.

We are from Wyoming, we care about Wyoming, and we build gangster-ass homes.

Insert mic drop here.

A proud local, Brentton loves Cheyenne’s small-town atmosphere and its proximity to outdoor recreation — which falls right in line with his love of fly fishing, dogs, fly fishing, dogs… did we mention fly fishing?… and enjoying all of the above in the company of his family.